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Established on 23th November of 2006. AKSANSI (Asosiasi KSM SANITASI Seluruh Indonesia or translated into English The Association of Community Based Organization on Sanitation in Indonesia) served communities in where the CBS programs implemented.

Each community established the CBO who is responsible for the O&M of the system. These communities mostly live in densely-populated areas which are not served either by centralized or by government-operated waste water management systems. AKSANSI strives to develop and apply capacities in supporting CBOs to fulfil their function.

AKSANSI is evolving into an organization which has the needs to:
1. Identify and formulate strategies based on data, information and recommendations to carry out the future activities.
2. Formulate a mechanism to provide the long-term maintenance support, consulting and advice to CBOs.
3. Formulate a logical framework for long-term aftercare and resourcing for major maintenance
4. Manage the resources and capacities to implement the work plan in an efficient and sustainable ways.
5. To identify and formulate follow-ups and immediate future activities, such as:

  • Technical, social, institutional and financial monitoring of the CBOs.
  • Communicating with CBOs and bridging CBO needs with local governments in case of further need for assistance.
  • Provide support/consultancy for CBOs on technical, institutional and financial management issues.