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AKSANSI is the Association of Community Based-Organizations (CBOs) on Sanitation in Indonesia.

AKSANSI is an umbrella association to accommodate the communication and sharing between Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) members as well as operators in Indonesia. 
AKSANSI was founded in November 23rd, 2006 in Yogyakarta and legalized with Notary Act on Mei 2011.  AKSANSI was established based on the spirit of togetherness, solidarity, equality and cooperation amongst CBOs and operators in assisting the government to achieve operational and maintenance sustainability of the sanitation facility built in densely populated urban low income areas since 2003.

Empower inhabitants liwing in the densely populated urban low income areas and users of the communal sanitation facility in Indonesia to achieve better and sustainable operational and maintenance.

AKSANSI is independent and prioritizes partnerships and or cooperation with another party.

1. Assist government in cooperating with sanitation stakeholders to improve the sanitation facilities.
2. Support CBOs in maintaining the sanitation facility built to achieve optimal usage in sustainable manner.

Assure and provide supports to achieve sustainable operational and maintenance of community based sanitation facility in densely populated low income urban areas.

The advantages of becoming AKSANSI members are:

  1. Having the opportunity to get Sanitation Award. This Award is a form of appreciation and motivation towards CBOs who are working hard to operate and maintain their sanitation facility. Currently, Sanitation Award was given at Provincial and Regional level. AKSANSI is trying to push the award to national level in order to gain more awareness in good operational and maintenance of the sanitation facility.
  2. Participate in the regular CBOs meetings in different levels in order to share and exchange experiences in running the facilities.
  3. Receive regular monitoring and evaluation towards the running facility, thus assure the sustainability.
  4. Receive technical, institutional management, administration as well as financial trainings for CBO members, while users of the facility will receive health and hygiene education.
  5. Have the opportunity to be Biogas Task Force to assists biogas users in other locations.
  6. Together with the other CBOs and regional Aksansi to cooperate and communicate with Local and Provincial Government as well as donors.

Benefits of AKSANSI for Local Government :

  1. Assist Local Government in maintaining the sustainability if the sanitation facility built, therefore the investment spent will be equal to the benefits received by the community.
  2. Together with the Local Government conduct monitoring to the sanitation facility in the respective area.
  3. Receive technical assistance for facility issues.
  4. Receive social assistance for social and institutional issues within the CBOs and beneficiaries.

If a city/regency hosts less than 10 SANIMAS facilities, the local government is assumed to be able to handle the number. However, if there are more than 10 SANIMAS sites - in fact there are around 80 in several cities - SANIMAS needs a competent party to help connect local government and CBO. AKSANSI in operational and maintenance stage has the competence to serve as an intermediary, bridging the interests of local government and CBO/community. A good relation between local government and CBO will impact positively towards the sustainability of the established sanitation facility.

In order to provide the best service to local government and CBO, AKSANSI is supported by AKSANSI branches on City/Regency/Provincial based. Local AKSANSI and Provincial AKSANSI have been equipped with proper capacity on technical, social management, and institutional sector in order to see alternate solution on CBO and Local Government.

AKSANSI – Local Government Co-Management
AKSANSI offers a co-management for community-based sanitation facility management and maintenance. Co-management accommodates the interest of all sanitation stakeholders in city/regency level for SANIMAS sustainability and environmental protection. Based on goodwill, equality, respect, and profit sharing, co-management contains the rights and obligation of all sanitation stakeholders.

Co-management stages cover:
1. Sending letter of intention to PPLP Sub directory at Human Settlement Directorate General, Ministry of Public Work with cc. to AKSANSI
2. Signing MoU between AKSANSI and Head of Local Government
3. Signing MoU between AKSANSI and Local related technical agency

Co-Management Funding
Co-Management funding refers to Regional Budget (APBD), as allocated by local government, for CBO institutional development, as well as technical and monitoring improvement as proposed by related sanitation SKP. Funding proportion is based on APBD inventorying, joint activities, and role distribution. In this case, financial management is independent.

Succees Story on Co-Management MoU
On August 2014, the first Co-management MoU between AKSANSI and Temanggung Government was signed. A meeting between SKPD and Sanitation Working Group was held to discuss CBO and local Aksansi Temanggung activities, a month after the signing.
Until the end of 2014, several programs have been achieved:
1. Regular CBO meeting
2. CBO Monitoring
3. Sanitation Award
4. Aksansi secretariat-local coordination
5. Capacity development in Biogas innovation
6. Biogas installation rehabilitation
7. Aksansi Temanggung empowerment by providing working equipment and local transportation fee for the head of Aksansi Branches
Until 2015, AKSANSI has signed MoUs with 6 cities/regencies, which are Kabupaten Temanggung, Kabupaten Kulonprogo, Kota Mojokerto, Kota Surakarta, Kota Pekalongan, and Kabupaten Sukoharjo.