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Formation of a Regional Aksansi Branch in Barru

on 03 February 2014

On the 25th of January the community-based organisations (CBO) of Community Based Sanitation Program in Barru held a meeting to

discuss the formation of a regional Aksansi branch in the district of Barru, South Sulawesi.
The meeting was facilitated by the Public Works Department and the Secretariat of Aksansi. The meeting was attended by a representative of every CBO and it was agreed to establish a new Aksansi branch in the region.
The establishment is expected to create a harmonious working relationship between the CBOs and the local government of Barru which will enable activities that support a sustainable management of community-based sanitation in the district.

The composition of the management board of the regional Aksansi branch will be as follows:

Protector : Dept. of Public Works Barru
Advisory : Chairman Aksansi South Sulawesi

Chairman : Mr . Tajuddin of KSM Maritime
Secretary : Mr . Hasbianto of KSM Ujung Batu
Treasurer : Mrs. Hj . Nurbaya of KSM Pajalele