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Establishment of a Regional Aksansi Branch in Takalar

on 03 February 2014

On the February 1st, 2014, a meeting with representatives of community-based organizations (CBO) on Community Based Sanitation Program was held in Takalar

to facilitate the establishment of a new Aksansi branch in the region of Takalar. The formation is expected to enable a better relationship between stakeholders involved in community based sanitation in the respective district in South Sulawesi.

It is expected that the formation of a regional Aksansi branch in Takalar will not only relate to activities in sanitation and environmental health during the construction phase of the sanitary infrastructure but expand to and encourage further post-operational activities of the CBOs.


The composition of the Regional Aksansi Takalar management will be as follows:

Protector :        1 . Dept. of Public Works District. Takalar

                        2 . WG Sanitation District. Takalar

Advisor:       Chairman Aksansi South Sulawesi


Chairman : Ahmad Dahlan Dg Sila (CBO Manisata)

Secretary : AbdulAziz (CBO Minasa Baji)

Treasurer : Budaya Ayu Riani (CBO Abbulosibatang 2)